Not only can we assist with day to day accounting and bookkeeping for your organization, we also have a range of services to help Non for Profit Organizations meet their specific tax and legal financial requirements.


NPO Services

We can assist with:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Helping you meet CRA compliance requirements, ensuring that it’s complete and on time
  • Filing your Corporate Tax Return (T2 and T4117) or Registered Charity information Return (T3010)
  • Helping you understand HST rules for charities and the complexities of the rebate application
  • Helping you understand CRA disbursement rules and how they can affect your charitable programs
  • Implementing adequate record keeping and donation slip records
  • Helping you understand and acting upon your Financial Statement reporting requirements under Bill C-4
  • Implementing a control environment for the safeguarding of your organization’s assets and cash collection policies