As an individual, it can be a daunting task to understand and fullfil the complexities of taxation requirements.

We aim to lift the burden and ensure you pay only what you need to – on time.



Tax can be complex and filing requirements can be overwhelming. We can help you understand more about the Canadian taxation system, and can clarify the complex rules. We can assist you in preparing and filing your income tax return.  We’ll work to ensure that you minimize both current and future taxes.


Deceased Estate Services

We provide personal service to each client: from the deceased’s personal tax return to the estates final disbursement.

We can:

  • confirm that all the tax returns have been filed before the year of death
  • file the final personal tax return
  • notify you when deadlines are approaching
  • assist you in determining if a trust return is required
  • schedule and file trust returns
  • help you to determine if the trust has been wound up
  • assist you in obtaining a Clearance Certificate from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) showing taxes owing and any interest and penalties that have been paid on those taxes.



You have an incorporated business and you would like your family to share in the growth of the business without losing control of your company. A Family Trust may be an effective tool to help you reach your objectives.

We can work with our lawyer to establish a Family Trust and we can prepare the annual trust tax returns.